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Effects of the Latina Wage Gap

Even as Latinas have entered the workforce in record numbers – now with more than 12 million workers – they continue to face the largest wage gap among women. Latinas in the United States are typically paid just 55 cents for every dollar paid to White, non-Hispanic men.1 Overall, all women employed full time, year-round are typically paid 82 cents compared to every dollar paid to the general population, both men and women, employed full time, year-round.2

Latino officers are helping diversify police.

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Employers DEI Training

In our workplace today, issues involving diversity, equity, and inclusion are being brought to the forefront of many organizations. The topic of how to implement DEI training has become a hot-button issue in our polarized times.

Stephen Paskoff, president and CEO of ELI, was recently interviewed by Rose Scott on WABE’s Closer Look to discuss the importance of DEI training in the workplace.

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